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Baby Chick

"Breed to feed."

“Breed to feed.”


Nature’s Way

“Why when the light shines through is there hope but in the hours of the night I forget, in my pain, only to be cruelly reminded again.” -Shammy 10/31/12


Foggy Night on the Road

Taken by Tobe, because his eyes are even more beautiful than mine

View Before the Perfect Storm

“When we lose all hope only to find it again in times of disaster.” – Shammy 10/31/12 4:33am

Midnight Fog

“Harboring these feelings are like waiting for the fog to come down.” – Shammy


“Some things can’t be faked no matter how hard we try.” -Shammy

Across the Way

“Here I leave memories of us, to flourish then disappear.” -Shammy


“Honeymooning at Ori’s studio, creating art where ever we go.” -Shammy

Man Under the Sun

“Reading from dusk to dawn under the light of the sun,” -Shammy

Freedom Tower

“..the feeling you get when looking up at the tower” – Shammy