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Spring Street


Nature’s Way

“Why when the light shines through is there hope but in the hours of the night I forget, in my pain, only to be cruelly reminded again.” -Shammy 10/31/12

Man Under the Sun

“Reading from dusk to dawn under the light of the sun,” -Shammy

Freedom Tower

“..the feeling you get when looking up at the tower” – Shammy

Leaving Riis Beach

“After a day of riding the waves, I was treated to a kiss as the sky lit up above us :)” -Shammy

Waiting For the Bus

“The sun sets and colors the sky above us to prepare us for night.” -Shammy

Sailboats and Sea

“Sailboats and sea, with the best friend watching sunsets over jersey.” – Shammy

Practicing the Craft

“Only you could get a shot like this.” ❤ -Shammy

View from the Penthouse

“No matter how much you try, you can’t make someone care unless they want to.” – Shammy

Chasing Sunsets Again

“Beauty is often found in simplicity..” -Shammy