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Spring Street



Foggy Night on the Road

Taken by Tobe, because his eyes are even more beautiful than mine

Man Under the Sun

“Reading from dusk to dawn under the light of the sun,” -Shammy

Waiting For the Bus

“The sun sets and colors the sky above us to prepare us for night.” -Shammy

Sunset in West Sussex

“We drove and drove till you found a peak and ran up the steep to take a peek.” -Shammy

View from the Penthouse

“No matter how much you try, you can’t make someone care unless they want to.” – Shammy

Suspended in Time

“What a beautiful sight it is watching you suspended in time on the rocks.” – Shammy

City Scene

“You couldn’t take your eyes off the city lights, while I couldn’t take them off you.” -Shammy

Chasing Sunsets Again

“Beauty is often found in simplicity..” -Shammy

Above the Horizon

“Standing tall, above the horizon… chasing the fires in the sky with my lover.” – Shammy