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Across the Way

“Here I leave memories of us, to flourish then disappear.” -Shammy



“Honeymooning at Ori’s studio, creating art where ever we go.” -Shammy

A Glass For Me

“A glass for me. Sometimes its nice to enjoy the company of yourself.” – Shammy

Shades of Grey

“I tried so hard to be a part of something that I lost myself along the way and now I’m lost somewhere in the shadows.” -Shammy

Above the Horizon

“Standing tall, above the horizon… chasing the fires in the sky with my lover.” – Shammy

Golden Key

"I didn't have to give you a key.. you already had it, in your heart." -Shammy

Sweet Silver Lining

"No matter if we are in a fight or angry with each other, you are still the sweet silver lining to my day." -Shammy

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