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Baby Chick

"Breed to feed."

“Breed to feed.”


Nature’s Way

“Why when the light shines through is there hope but in the hours of the night I forget, in my pain, only to be cruelly reminded again.” -Shammy 10/31/12

View Before the Perfect Storm

“When we lose all hope only to find it again in times of disaster.” – Shammy 10/31/12 4:33am

Midnight Fog

“Harboring these feelings are like waiting for the fog to come down.” – Shammy


“Some things can’t be faked no matter how hard we try.” -Shammy

Across the Way

“Here I leave memories of us, to flourish then disappear.” -Shammy


“Honeymooning at Ori’s studio, creating art where ever we go.” -Shammy

Freedom Tower

“..the feeling you get when looking up at the tower” – Shammy

Leaving Riis Beach

“After a day of riding the waves, I was treated to a kiss as the sky lit up above us :)” -Shammy

Storm Coming In

“Sitting in class waiting for the storm to unleash.” -Shammy