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Midnight Fog

“Harboring these feelings are like waiting for the fog to come down.” – Shammy



“Some things can’t be faked no matter how hard we try.” -Shammy


“Honeymooning at Ori’s studio, creating art where ever we go.” -Shammy

Suspended in Time

“What a beautiful sight it is watching you suspended in time on the rocks.” – Shammy

City Scene

“You couldn’t take your eyes off the city lights, while I couldn’t take them off you.” -Shammy

Shades of Grey

“I tried so hard to be a part of something that I lost myself along the way and now I’m lost somewhere in the shadows.” -Shammy

Simply Me

"You look at me and you see things that I don't." -Shammy

Family on a Boat

"When you're on a boat, you have to get along!" -Shammy


"Don't we all wish our children could stay children for much longer than they do?" -Shammy

Cox Baazar

"Sweet Monisha, at one of the world's seven wonders." -Shammy