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Spring Street



Foggy Night on the Road

Taken by Tobe, because his eyes are even more beautiful than mine

View Before the Perfect Storm

“When we lose all hope only to find it again in times of disaster.” – Shammy 10/31/12 4:33am

Across the Way

“Here I leave memories of us, to flourish then disappear.” -Shammy

Freedom Tower

“..the feeling you get when looking up at the tower” – Shammy

Sunset in West Sussex

“We drove and drove till you found a peak and ran up the steep to take a peek.” -Shammy

Sailboats and Sea

“Sailboats and sea, with the best friend watching sunsets over jersey.” – Shammy

Practicing the Craft

“Only you could get a shot like this.” ❤ -Shammy

View from the Penthouse

“No matter how much you try, you can’t make someone care unless they want to.” – Shammy

City Scene

“You couldn’t take your eyes off the city lights, while I couldn’t take them off you.” -Shammy