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Baby Chick

"Breed to feed."

“Breed to feed.”


On the Other Side of the River

“The grass is always greener on the other side, except for when its not!” -Shammy

Family on a Boat

"When you're on a boat, you have to get along!" -Shammy


"How can there be so many superstitions about such a beautiful wild beast!" -Shammy

Three Sisters

"The moment when a photograph captures an expression of feeling." -Shammy

“Ek Paaye Nupur…

"Ek paaye, nupur amar onno paa kali. Ek pashe shagor, ek pashe bali. Tomar choto tori bolo, nebe ki?" -Nupur, sung by Topu and Anila (One foot adorned with an anklet, my other foot bare. Sea on one side, sand on the other. Tell me, in your small boat, will you take me?)


Two Boys

"Two boys I met on the road in Rangamati, Bangladesh. They weren't brothers. Sometimes the people that come into our lives by chance are closer to us than the people that are put there by nature." -Shammy

Behind the Shait Gumbad Mosque

Khulna, Bangladesh