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Lady Liberty

“Lady Liberty standing tall representing all the things we definitively don’t have in the states.” – Shammy


City Scene

“You couldn’t take your eyes off the city lights, while I couldn’t take them off you.” -Shammy

Birds and Things

“It never made a difference to you, the little things.” -Shammy

Hudson Line

“For the thousands words that go unspoken.” -Shammy

Pastel Block

"Different, but similarly alike. If each color represented a mood, or a race, or a class, or a sex, or a status, which would you be?" -Shammy

London, Standing Still

"Cities are always busy, but wouldn't it be beautiful if everything stood still for a minute?" -Shammy

Fork in the Road

"Life often requires us to make decisions on our feet." -Shammy


"I can feel it slipping away. I'm young, only 21, but I'm running out of time." - Shammy