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Tour of Bangladesh

Baby Chick

"Breed to feed."

“Breed to feed.”


On the Other Side of the River

“The grass is always greener on the other side, except for when its not!” -Shammy

Light in the Dark

"It takes a lifetime to create something, only a moment to destroy it." - Shammy

Family on a Boat

"When you're on a boat, you have to get along!" -Shammy


"I could look at you everyday, whether you're well or blue and I'd never be less than amazed. That's how I feel about you." -Shammy

Fields of Green

"Fields and fields of green, I wonder what goes on when no one is looking." -Shammy

To Ashes

"I lay here in the middle of the ocean, burning, alone and unafraid." -Shammy


"Don't we all wish our children could stay children for much longer than they do?" -Shammy

Cox Baazar

"Sweet Monisha, at one of the world's seven wonders." -Shammy

Wife and Husband

"Why do we always say husband and wife instead of wife and husband? Ladies first right?" -Shammy