my lens, my vision, my art



“Some things can’t be faked no matter how hard we try.” -Shammy



“Honeymooning at Ori’s studio, creating art where ever we go.” -Shammy

Simply Me

"You look at me and you see things that I don't." -Shammy

Family on a Boat

"When you're on a boat, you have to get along!" -Shammy


"Don't we all wish our children could stay children for much longer than they do?" -Shammy

Cox Baazar

"Sweet Monisha, at one of the world's seven wonders." -Shammy

Wife and Husband

"Why do we always say husband and wife instead of wife and husband? Ladies first right?" -Shammy


"You're so beautiful and you don't even know it." -Shammy

Girl with a Towel

"I need to get out of my head to see things clearly and I'm not sure I know how to do that." -Shammy

Three Sisters

"The moment when a photograph captures an expression of feeling." -Shammy