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Adventures in the UK

Sunset in West Sussex

“We drove and drove till you found a peak and ran up the steep to take a peek.” -Shammy


Life of a Shepard

"The life of a Shepard must be peaceful, my imagination would run wild with all that time." -Shammy

Racing Time

"We drove around to find the highest peak, racing time so that we could see the dimming of the skies, together." -Shammy

Golden Key

"I didn't have to give you a key.. you already had it, in your heart." -Shammy


"You're so beautiful and you don't even know it." -Shammy

Lewes Brewery

"Where the good stuff is made!" -Shammy

Lake in the Peaks

"Water, its just a reflection of everything else...yet it is everything else." -Shammy

Sky’s the Limit

"Why say sky's the limit, when there are footprints on the moon?" -

Tiny Birdie

"Fly away tiny birdie, fly away." -Shammy

Pastel Block

"Different, but similarly alike. If each color represented a mood, or a race, or a class, or a sex, or a status, which would you be?" -Shammy